What Is Term Life Insurance?

What Is Term Life Insurance? Term life insurance covers you for a set length of time, usually between 10 and 20 years. It’s meant to add a protective cushion during life’s most demanding financial periods — like while you’re providing for children or paying off a mortgage. Term life policies will only pay out if […]

Term vs. Whole Life Insurance

What’s the Difference Between Term and Whole Life Insurance? Term and whole life insurance both have one big goal: to support surviving family members with a death benefit payment if the insured person passes away. Term and whole life also differ in one major way: Term life policies last a set number of years and […]

What Is Whole Life Insurance?

What Is Permanent Life Insurance? The first thing to know about whole life insurance: It’s actually a type of permanent life insurance. As a broad category, permanent life insurance is the alternative to term life insurance. It has no expiration date, meaning that a death benefit payout is guaranteed (whereas term life policies only pay […]

What You Should Know About Insurance Claims

What’s an insurance claim? “Filing a claim” is the process you go through to get a payout from your insurance company when something bad happens. Claims involve paperwork, photos, damage appraisal, and sometimes (depending on the nature of the claim) legal action. While all that might sound like a bit of a headache, the good […]

7 Tips for Spring Travel on a Budget

Whether you’re prepping for a spring break escapade or a summer abroad — we’ve got some essential tips for saving and protecting money on your trip. The 2017 LearnVest Money Habits and Confessions Survey found that while, on average, Americans spend 10-15% of their annual income on vacations, — 55% of us don’t account for […]

The Ultimate Puppy Feeding Guide

Your puppy has a lot of growing up to do in a short period of time, and it all starts with their food. A balanced diet will give your dog everything it needs to develop strong bones, muscles, and habits that will last a lifetime. Here, you’ll find a guide for feeding your puppy, so […]

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

What does renters insurance cover? Somehow, renters insurance covers both more and less than you might think. A standard HO-4 policy covers your personal belongings in the event of 16 specific “perils” like disasters, vandalism, and theft. But it can also pay for other costs, like temporary living expenses, liability coverage, and medical bills if […]

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