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How Many Friend-zoned Guys
Does It Take To Screw In
A Lightbulb?

None, They’ll Just Compliment It
And Get Pissed When It Won’t Screw.


dirty christmas jokes

How Do You Spot A Blind
Man At a Nude Beach?
It’s Not Hard.

dirty halloween jokes

I Went To Donate Sperm The
Other Day, And The Nurse Asked
Me, Sir, Could You Masturbate
In The Cup? To Which I Replied,
Well I’m Pretty Good, But I
Don’t Think I’m Ready To
Compete Just Yet.

dirty joke of the day

Husband Says To His Wife How
Come You Never Tell Me When You Orgasm
She Says I Dont Like Calling You At Work.

dirty jokes in english

Why Don’t Hillbillies Like Reverse Cowgirl?
You Never Turn Your Back On Your Family.

dirty jokes stupid

Why Don’t Witches Wear Underwear?
To Get A Better Grip On Their

dirty jokes

Losing My Virginity Was a Lot
Like My First Baseball Game,
Very Mediocre But At Least
My Dad-came.

dirty thanksgiving jokes

Who’s The Most Popular
Guy At The Nudist Colony?
The Guy That Can Carry a
Dozen Donuts And Two Cups
Of Coffee.

funny dirty jokes

A Couple Of Dicks Walk Into a
Vagina. They Have a Few Drinks
And There For a Couple Of Hours.
Eventually One Dick Looks At The
Other and Says, Hey Man, I’m Getting Bored.
Want To Go Next Door And Get Shif Faced?


really dirty jokes

Stupid Dirty Jokes The Best 100 Stupid Jokes

Two Guys Walking Past a
Dog That’s Licking His Balls.
One Guy Says Wistfully, “I
Wish I Could Do That.” The
Other Guy Says, “Maybe You Should
Try Petting Him First.”

short dirty jokes

A Family Is On Vacation And They Stop
At a Hotel For The Night. The Dad Goes
Into The Front Office To Check In, And
Tells The Check In Guy,”I’m here with my
wife and kids, So I hope the porn is disabled.”
The check in guy says, “no, it’s just
regular porn, you sick fuck!”

sick jokes

How many perverts does it take
To screw in a lightbulb?
One, but it take the entire
Emergency room staff to get it Out.

stupid dirty jokes

What Do You call a cheap circumcision?

A rip-off.

stupid funny jokes

What do you get when you mix human DNA and goat Dna?

Kicked out of the petting Zoo

very dirty jokes

Three old ladies were sitting on a bench when a man came up

and flashed them. Two of the ladies immediately had a stroke, the other

couldn’t quite reach.

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