Yo Mama Jokes Latest Funny Yo Momma jokes For Adult

We requested the dirty jokes to inform us the funniest “Yo Momma” jokes they’ve ever heard. Here are the genius results.
Some of the funniest and most creative Yo Mama jokes (not to mention meanest!) are those that poke exciting at her size. And with that in mind, here’s all our preferred funny Yo Mama So Fat jokes.
Curious who wrote the first one? In mild of Mother’s Day, we’re taking a appear lower back at the history of the ‘Yo Mama’ jokes.

Everyone’s heard a “Yo Mama Jokes” shaggy dog story by using now, or even cracked one themselves. After all, these jokes were popular given that the ’90s — but did you understand they’ve been around for much longer than that? In fact, “Yo Mama” jokes date all the way returned to earlier than the Common Era.

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